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You Can Do This



Whether you are about to step into single parenthood or are already treading the waters, let me guide you through (and out!) of your first stop: survival mode.

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You cannot be the best version of yourself as a human or parent unless you take active steps to heal. And that, my friend means self-care (not to be confused with self-indulgence, btw).

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This is the fun part of single parenting. (What? There’s a fun part?) Yes. It is the part where you are out of survival mode, have taken steps toward healing and self-care, and have financially set yourself up for a better future. This is where as a parent, your child(ren) doesn’t get the left-over, exhausted, McDonald’s run version of you… but they get the rested, reflective, positive, supportive, and financially stable part of you.

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Your Life Is Not Over

Life threw a brick at you. Most single parents I know did not actively decide to be a single parent (way cool if you did), but had to endure an unplanned pregnancy, a nasty divorce, an escape from an abuser, or a multitude of other unexpected life experiences.

You are here now, and your reality is that your little(s) depend on you.


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